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Executive Standard: ASTM B514, ASTM B515, ASTM B704. 

Application: Oil and Gas, FGD, SWRO, Water Treatment, Non-ferrous Metal Metallurgy, Chemical Industry, Papermaking, Heating Cable, etc. 

Material: INCOLOY840, INCOLOY800, INCOLOY825, C276

Specification: Outside diameter: 6.0mm-89.0mm, Wall thickness: 0.35mm-2.0mm, Length: according to your requirements.

Tolerance: As per executive standard requirements, for those tubes which require high precision, we can make according to your own tech requirements.

Heat treatment: In-line bright annealing.

Information: Beside the normal executive standard, we could also make the tubes according to your own requirements, such as wall thickness tolerance, hardness, surface requirements and etc by designing different technical requirements and production technology, try our best to support you.